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  1. A Winter Poem

    A Winter Poem

    This beautiful winter poem was emailed to me. It was a comfort to me and I thought it might be a comfort to you, too. It's very well written and I hope that you enjoy it.

    by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

    F*ck Me. It's cold.

    The End

  2. Boredom setting in

    I had my foot operation on the 15th December, that's 2 and a half weeks ago now.
    Boredom is setting in. There are only so many films on hours on pc, puzzles, books etc one can take.

    Today the bones in my foot have started to knit. When this happens....... lets just say its's painful.
    I now have in my left foot, one large plate, 16 screws, and 2 even larger screws. Bone was even taken off my hip last time to help bridge some of the bone together. And all this because a so ...
  3. A cold Decembers day

    I met a fishing mate of mine at 12.00pm. We was fishing Cobham.
    Cobham has 3 lakes, Top, middle and bottom.

    After looking at the top lake there wasn't any movement we could see. Shame, I love fishing the top lake.

    We had a look at the middle lake and seen a little movement and a few small bubbles.

    Chris had a look at the bottom lake, came back and said ...

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  4. A session margin fishing

    I wanted to try a short session of nothing but margin fishing.
    I got at the one acre lake lake at 2pm and left at 8.45pm. You have to be off the lake by dusk here.

    Be quiet
    It is probably the most important factor in near margin fishing. If you are not quite you are likely to spook any fish you had a chance of catching. I set my rod, and kit up away from the water very carefully.
    I'm not on about looking like Rambo in the woods here, I just keep me ...

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