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The Winner Takes It All

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I never go pike fishing alone ‘cos I’m soft and need help to get the hooks out! I went the other day to a well known carp lake in Norfolk; the three of us in one swim, Glen, Micky and myself; dead-baiting with mackerel and sardines. It was a pleasant day, if a bit cool. We were in a roomy swim, 15 – 20 yards wide and the water in front of us varied in depth from 4 ft to 12 ft from right to left.
At about ten-thirty Glen produced his food flask and served 3 steaming bowls of chili he’d made the night before - nice one Glen. Micky then had a brew up on his gas stove and Glen provided chocolate biscuits. This is my kind of fishing.
Lunch consisted of Mexican Beans and Hot dog sausages.
At about two o’clock I had a discontinuous run on my left hand rod; bobbin up then down then stopped, then up a couple of inches.
“Hit it then!” says Glen. But I’m a bit nervous, the last time I had a pike take was in Ireland last year, I got too excited and struck too soon and lost it after a few seconds.
Anyway, I hit it and after a couple of minutes landed a little Jack of 4lbs. Micky got the hooks out (they were a bit deep bit highly visible), quite easily but the pike started bleeding a bit from the gills. We popped it back carefully and after a couple of minutes it swam away quite happily. Don’t really know why it bled, Micky was extra careful, never even touched it!
For some strange reason Micky had brought some small bottles of cider so we cracked three open to celebrate.

There was a quid on it!
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  1. Sean Meeghan's Avatar
    Cor they don't half look after you!
  2. Shine's Avatar
    Wish some of the people I've fished with in the past were as kind as your mate