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Welcome to my Nightmare

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About a month ago I went on an annual, three day, barbel fishing hol with my usual cronies, Micky and Glen. We re-visited the River Severn between Bridgenorth and Bewdley, and stayed in The George for a couple of nights. The river was very low again, and the fishing was incredibly hard; I had checked out the admirable BAA web site and discovered that there were about ten matches on that stretch on Sunday so we hunted around and found a spot at Knowle Sands where there were plenty of swims - but blanked.

That evening we had a nice meal and a few drinks, in bed by midnight. In the middle of the night I got up to go to the bathroom and found myself in the corridor in my baggy-arsed, white Y-fronts, locked out of my room!!!!! Quite frightening really. After half an hour of cold panic I spent the rest of the night in Micky’s room.

The following day I was understandably subdued; we fished Hampton Loade, left bank, downstream of the Ferry. It was a warm sultry day; there were plenty of anglers about so we had to walk a fair way to find three swims. Most of the day we were plagued by ducks and canoes; didn’t catch until Micky moved back towards the car park and had a couple of barbel to six pounds at about five o’clock in the evening.

There were five anglers opposite us, three immediately above and three below, in an area of about fifty yards. And they say nobody fishes the rivers any more.

A Brummie out walking his dog stopped for a chat and suggested that we fish upstream the following day. Around the third meadow was a good spot if we wanted to catch three or four. “But if yow want to catch more?!” he said as if it was debatable “Yow’ll have to gow a bit furthuh”

After a thankfully uneventful night, we fished Hampton Loade left bank upstream of the ferry. Great looking swims, I was full of confidence but blanked, Glen got one to put a bit of pressure on Micky who responded with a fish of 8lb 2oz, a personal best.

That’s seven days on the Severn for me over two years, with only a couple of perch and a gudgeon to show. Confidence now at rock bottom.

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