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Wouldn't It Be Nice...?

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As I look out of my window on the wintry scene of snow and frost in deepest Norfolk I find myself yearning for the lakeside, the bank, some bait, rods and reels. The current batch of stories on FM are stirring up deep, unfulfilled longings for a day’s fishing. My last few trips have had to be abandoned due to the permafrost conditions prevailing for the last three weeks and I’m too much of a fair weather angler these days just to go out and ‘do it’.

With any luck, when the weather improves sometime in the next few weeks, I’m going to have a day at Blickling Lake with my home-made wagglers and a pint of maggots, hopefully with a couple of mates.

I can imagine it now. The wind will be in the south west, light to moderate, patchy cloud with plenty of sun. The temperatures will have been in excess of 10oC for over a week, we’ll have the place to ourselves. The first bite won’t come straight away, it’ll take about half an hour, and I’ll probably miss it. But then I’ll be ready, the next time I’ll strike into a lovely half pound roach followed by a twelve ounce skimmer. They won’t come every chuck, I’ll have to work hard at getting the feeding just right. Sometime in the afternoon, either Micky or Glen will have a run on their pike tackle and land a small double. It’s gonna be great! I feel better already.

Wouldn’t it be nice…?
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