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After The Rain Has Fallen

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Four or five weeks ago I treated myself to a seven-day fishingbreak in mid-September, This was to coincide with meeting up with some friendson the River Wye near Ross. I endured Gales, floods and menacing eastern Europeans;I had a few chub and barbel but it wasn’t quite what I had planned. Four weekslater my wife and I had a trip planned to Welshpool where we were going to havea couple of days on the upper Severn BAA waters. Believe it or not we drovethrough gales and heavy rain which put the river up 14’ almost overnight: howunlucky is that?
Whilst we waited for the river level to drop we tried acommercial near Shrewsbury. The rules stated that you could only use theirpellets which was a blow as the shop was closed. Eventually someone came to openup and we had the place to ourselves. Mrs S fished groundbait feeder with red maggotand had 32 small carp from 4oz to a pound; good fun. I persevered with pelletbut only managed 15 fish of about the same size; it drizzled softly all day andfelt cold.
The river levels dropped, and we had a day at Pool Quay nearthe Powys Arms. The BAA sat nav directions were fine although the track wasquite a bit longer than indicated. At the river the remnants of the flood wereevident as there were large tree trunks on the field and a high-tide mark ofdebris and plastic bottles; also, a calor-gas cannister! I was pleasantly surprisedat how narrow the river was; I was used to the River Severn near Hampton Loade.This was more like the Yorkshire rivers I was brought up on.
Mrs S isn’t too nimble these days, so I dug some steps downthe slippery bank and made her swim safe and comfortable. I fished twelvemetres downstream. I fished a 50gm cage feeder with dampened pellets and an 8mmrobin red pellet on the hook. My first cast produced the best chub I’ve caughtall year; I thought it was a barbel for a minute or two. It made an initialrun, then hugged the stream in the middle of the river; not the usual sneakydive into the bank. It probably weighed between 4 and 4½lb. Mrs S caught some nicedace, gudgeon and minnow. I didn’t get another bite, although I thought theriver conditions were great.
I liked the upper Severn and shall return.
Andy Scholey
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