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Hi Ho Silver Lining

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I went fishing last Saturday. The opportunity presented itself to me when my wife informed me that she was visiting the Ideal Home Exhibition in Earl’s Court with one of her mates, so I thought, why not.

I’d been desperate to go for weeks; often postponed by the freezing conditions, but Saturday’s forecast was okay, so off I went. Micky was entertaining clients at the Norwich v Leeds clash and could not make it; Glen was in Prague on a short family break so I was on my own.

First time out this year; I forgot my flask, tin of sweetcorn, and, by the time I’d got to the bank, how to tie knots!

It was a decent day although showers were threatened. The five other anglers around the bank were sitting behind bite alarms, under brollies. I had a pint of maggots and half a loaf of bread. I put my Fox 1½lb TC rod down the margin with a lump of bread as a sleeper then set up my float rod with a waggler, plumbed the depth, about 8ft, cast out a couple of maggots.

The roach were quite willing right from the off with fish between 4 – 8oz coming readily. Then, as often happens, the bites slowed down and became more finicky, why is that? After lunch set my light feeder rod up and coaxed a few more roach and a surprise rudd, I didn’t know there were any in here!

Changed the bait on my ‘sleeper rod’ several times; a bunch of maggots; a pineapple boilie given to me by Micky; and a sort of gummy pellet donated by another pal but to no avail.

My challenge this year is to catch my first ever ‘double’ anything, and I’m glad I didn’t catch it today, I really need to share the moment with some mates.

Still, it was very good day after the silver fish.

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  1. Stealph Viper's Avatar
    Some nice pictures of a couple of nice fish, i thought you had forgot your Sweetcorn though, or is that something else in that bait tub in the first picture?

    Some secret weapon perhaps that you have yet to share with us ?

    Anyway, glad you had a good day out and some nice fish too.
  2. Skoda's Avatar
    Well spotted SV, I didn't actually take any pictures on Saturday, both these were from a trip to a little cut near Downham Market last October. A little dishonest I know but a bit of artistic licence and a way of illustrating my blog.

    Are you in the police? If not, why not?