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Dazed and Confused

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I don’t know what’s happening to my fishing these days!

It’s like this; I had been looking forward to a trip to this commercial for about four weeks. My seasonal job meant that I’ve been working hard for the last three months (my wife thinks I’ve the luckiest job in the world and would disagree!) and I really wanted an afternoon off. I’m not a great commercial fishery man but when all you’ve got is a snatched afternoon…

Glen and I arrived at the small lake about 2.30 in the afternoon: there were no other cars in the parking space - good. We proceeded to the entrance where we came across the lake rules and prices. I couldn’t believe my eyes, 2010 day tickets £8; yes! Eight quid! No wonder there’s nobody else here!

The weather was dull, cool and windy with the spot of drizzle in the air from time to time. We chose adjacent swims and I sat down to consider how to approach the short session. I was still reeling from the shock of the day ticket charge and sat for about ten minutes bemused. The trouble with looking forward to something for a long time is that you plan too much. I wanted badly to fish with my centre-pin and float in the margin, but experience told me that fishing a feeder to the island opposite would give me greater prospects. Twenty minutes passed by and I still hadn’t set up a rod.

Eventually I tackled up a feeder rod and mixed a small amount of groundbait and pellets. I’d actually bought some pineapple boilies for the first time ever. First cast out was good and I settled the rod in a bite alarm about forty-five minutes after arriving.

After a few annoying mini-runs I was becoming frustrated and consequently decided to tackle up my float rod and centre-pin, during which time I had a few more liners and snappy bites which, given the state I was in, got my blood pressure on the rise.

It began to drizzle a little more heavily, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped almost into single figures! It was early June and it could have been early December! The 8mm pineapple boilies were picking out decent roach of 8-10 oz but I’d set my sights on my first ever double figure carp, which was extremely unlikely as I was fishing like a pill0ck.

At about half five Glen had his rod almost whipped out of the rest and landed a seven and a half pounder after a decent fight. I returned to my swim but only managed to concentrate for ten minutes before I became miserable. I hate fishing with two rods; I don’t know why I do it: probably because everyone else does. I packed away the float rod and spent the remaining time on the feeder to no avail.

Before we packed up Glen caught a common carp of three pounds: he’d fished well; simple and to his strengths; keeping to what he does best. There’s a lesson for me there!

Next time I will only fish one rod; on the tip; never let the rod out of my hand – and concentrate, promise!

On the way home my mood improved considerably whilst I tucked into Singapore Noodles from the Chinese take-away.
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