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That Don't Impress Me Much!

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The second leg of the Andy Scholey versus big Carp encounter ended in a humiliating defeat for the angler. Arriving around midday, a few minutes later than intended due to a brief Police road block, I was frustrated to find the swim I would have liked to have fished had just that minute been taken!
I settled upon fishing in a corner swim that seemed to have a bit of room in which to play any fish I might be lucky enough to hook. I set up my 2½ lb TC DragonCarp Cheapo rod, baitrunner loaded with 10lb line; method feeder; short braided hooklink and a hair rigged 10mm halibut pellet, cast down the right hand margin. Tackled up my 1½ lb TC Fox barbel rod with a waggler to fish small pellet in the near left margin. (I don’t know why I fish two rods? I always get in a muddle.)

Several missed runs later still no carp. Halfway through the afternoon I land a 2½lb carp on the feeder rod- not a real challenge.

A young lad came and chatted for a while. He was fishing a pole in the margin, with sweetcorn. When I say ‘in the margin’ I mean 4” from the edge in two feet of water. I sat behind him for a minute, amazed he was fishing so close to the edge. He could talk for England but, do you know what? He caught a five pound carp within moments of me watching him. Respect! He had come with his dad who, apparently fishes with Bob Nudd in the Browning Team!

For the last hour I moved to a narrow swim and cast out to some lily beds. Had two screaming runs, one missed; the last one hooked a biggun’ straight into the lilies; couldn’t do a thing with it.

I’ve decided that in these commercial carp waters the first thing is to decide where you are going to hook your fish; somewhere you CAN control it and steer it away from snags and vegetation.

I can do better! I must do better!

Andy Scholey 0 : Carp 2
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  1. Chris Frankish 2's Avatar
    Looking forward to your next trip. Time to even the scores
  2. Skoda's Avatar
    Amazingly, I'm going on my first night session tonight! A bit uncertain as to what to expect. I'm not a carp angler as you've probably guessed, but I'll give it a go.