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slime monster

Fishing and wishing today

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Around 11 am the hammering rain stopped and the after affects of a night out cleared, the temp was an unbelievable 11 degrees so I chucked my kit in the car and headed off without a clue as to which water to fish, on reaching Newton abbot the traffic was crawling so I took a short cut over the marshes.
ROAD CLOSED FLOODS read the sign in the road I was staring at wishing I had stayed home,as I was about to do a u turn a little mini came the other way "you will get through in that big bu##er "the driver shouted so onward I went finally reaching a torrent of water gushing across the road that was at least 8 inches deep,not to be out done I plunged into it thinking that mini driver was either brave or a liar , having reachred dry land it was obvious that whatever claypit I chose it would be I really wished I had not bothered going out but sheer bloody mindedness kept me going.
Two cars in the car park gave me a moment of hope until I saw the pond which was like milk and over the stages, the angler opposite had had no bites all morning .
oh how I was wishing now that I had stayed home.
3 hours on the short whip for three bites all 4 ounce roach confirmed that I really had wasted my time

still it was nice to get out but I wish I had stayed home.
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  1. slb's Avatar
    "the pond...was like milk"
    I wonder which one that was then? lol
  2. slime monster's Avatar
    believe it or not ....key ,it was like a mini Sawmills