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stanley noble

Carp Porter

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I had a small windfall in April and as I'm not getting any younger and my disability is only going to get worse I decided to treat myself to a Power Porter MkVI. I placed the order via my local tackle shop and was in the shop when the order was phoned over at the end of April. We are almost into June and I am still waiting for my barrow, I know the owner of the shop where I ordered it has attempted to chase the order, and I have done the same, we have been fobbed off with promises of call backs that never came, I have lost count of the times I have been told that Allen Steele, who I am told is the M.D. has 'just popped out'. Last Friday I managed to get his business mobile from one of the people in the office so I called hi,he answered in an abrupt manner he asked how I had gotten his number, claimed to be in a meeting and promised to call me back, needless to say he didn't, however he did contact the shop and promised delivery this Wednesday (24th May). The delivery did NOT arrive, phone calls go to voicemail and texts are ignored. If there was another manufacturer of powered fishing barrows out there I would rather give them my custom. I am concerned that if this is how they treat somebody looking to give them the shorter half of £1000 what after sales support can I expect? it is all well and good offering a two year guarantee, but not a lot of use if you can't get hold of anyone 😠
I phoned the office again this morning (Friday 26th May) to ask why the barrow had not arrived, I was told again that Allen would not be available until Tuesday 30th May, I was then passed to someone who asked if I was the ********* who had put a post on Facebook, I said yes I was because the order was placed a month ago and I wanted to know where my barrow was. I was told in no uncertain terms that I would NEVER get my barrow and my order had been cancelled and furthermore my tackle shop would never be able to purchase from them again. My post to Power Porter's Facebook page, which was 100% accurate was my work simply to inform others of how I had been treated, I would like to make this 100% clear my local tackle shop or it's owner had no input in my post, I wrote it so everyone could see the level of 'customer service' they offer.
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