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  1. Diary of an 80's throwback

    After making the bait the other night, I nipped out for a quicky last night. Then when I finished, I went angling

    I popped down to Furzebray Lakes as I'm thinking of fishing it over the winter - it's important to see the lakes over the summer as you may not get to see fish movement on overnighters later in the year - you arrive in the dark, leave in the dark and if it's chucking it down with rain, you aren't going to want to sit outside watching the lake!

    I bought ...

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  2. No time to make bait?

    People are always going on about not having the time to make bait, and how expensive it is to buy readymades. But a spare hour or so a week is all you need.

    I've gone back to an "old skool" attractor profile - mainly because I know that no-one else will be using it. It can work against you, because you have to establish the bait, rather than jumping on a "bandwagon" of using whatever everyone else is

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