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  1. Bolsena lake italy. simply awesome part one.

    How do you write an article about a . world classic competition and blank. My aim with this article is to help and educated anglers who will be going onto the world carp classic next year and hope to give a further help to those that might fish any waters similar to lago de bolsena. Italy,s finest and cleanest lake. Not only in Italy but the whole of Europe. This now subsided and very sleepy volcano has given me a new view a new way of thinking some of You who fished the competition heard about ...
  2. Good to be home Wish i was back there

    It is good to be home here in spain. where i have lived and fished for over 20 years . my recent visit to italy to fish the world carp classic proved to me that for every lake you fish a new set of rules apllys.
    bolsena has its own way of telling you how to fish. clear water up to 20+ft depths of 500ft + thermal layers al the place fish move with blinkers on throught depths you would never dream of fishing. until you try the biggest zig in the world. at 75ft. madness prevails and the brain ...