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  1. A wet overnighter

    Got down for the first time in a couple of weeks, the forecast was dry and mild, it turned out windy, wet and cold by morning!

    I fished a part of the lake I haven't fished before, but it's got the deeper water. As it was properly dark by the time I got there, I settled for a big PVA bag of maggots in the margins, 1 a couple of metres short of an island, and with the other rod I cast around until I could find a hard area, over which I fished a snowman over a scattering of baits. Bait ...

    Updated 17-11-2009 at 09:28 by Frothey

  2. That time of year again.....

    Forced myself out last night after work, because if I didn't go now, I probably wouldn't go again! I really struggle to get motivated over the summer due to all the grockles that come down on holiday, stealing our waves/fish/wimmin/carp/cream teas, but I'm planning on fishing after work till 6am overnighters on a water right through the winter, but it's one I've only fished a couple of times so need to get some reccie's and bait in before it gets too dark in the evening.

    I managed to ...