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The bad one

Revenge comes quickly and ever so sweetly

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After the Wye trip I averted a trip to the divorce courts by having a day off on Saturday and reacquainted myself with the dog and here in doors.

A wise move (best I've made this season) as it rained heavily all Saturday evening/night. By the time I dragged myself out of the pit Sunday morning the day was overcast but most of all had stopped raining.
Phoned Rivercall to see what the level was on my beloved Ribble. Gave .2m up but rising at 03 15. The indoors Dear asked whether I was going or not, to which I replied, "The Pope catholic?"

Had some dinner (lunch for the Southerners) and set off for the river about 13 30. Arrived at the river to see it .5 m up and dark tea colour. Yes there is a god after all, it's bang on for most species in the river. Even better there was only 2 cars in the car park, so I'd have most of the length to myself. On getting to the area I wished to fish, there was 2 guys at the lower end, so I had a walk down and a natter to them. They informed me they'd had quite a few roach on the stick that morning, but the river had dropped about a foot and they gone off.

Well in my mind they'd just moved further out, as they always do as the river starts to drop, so it would be a big chubber float so I could get out into the flow where I thought they would be. My plan was to fish the float with maggot until the eels became active in the evening, then change over to the pellet rods for genitalia faced residents.

That I did and had 4 roach of around 1/2 lb a few small chub and then the eels started.
Change over time arrived, so out went the big splodgers across the river. Within half an hour the lefthand rod tip pinged back twice and then curved toward Irish Sea. A stout scrap and a barbel grace the net of 6 05.
The next couple of hours went by with a few plucks and bangs from the eels attempting to get the 14 mm pellet down their throat.

At 22.15 the righthand rod bounced twice and round it went. Another stout scrap and a better genital faced fish was in the net. As I went to unhook it, I notice the scare across its belly. "Hello old friend you've been here before haven't you," I said.

I weighed it to see whether it was as big as it was when I had last winter at 10 03, but in my heart of hearts I new it not to be so.
The scales confirmed this at 9 08. Are well! it was still most welcome even at it post spawning weight. I stopped on for another hour but only an eel came to the bank.

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