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The bad one

Mixed fortunes

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Wed 15 7 09
Went on the Ribble afternoon/evening decided on a session on the stick after the roach, river up 2ft and coloured.

Took about an hour to get the fist bite a small chub then a eel about 1 08. Oh no I thought eels mid afternoon, could be a bad sign. Last time that happened a few years ago I had 29 of the buggers before i had a silver fish.

Then I had a roach 1.02, whilst the fishing wasn't fast a furious I caught 5 in total taking another over the 1 lb mark and the rest between 12 oz and a 1 lb. At 80 30 I put the pellet rods out for genital faces, didn't happen, so packed up as the light started to go.

Sat 18 7 09
River up just under a metre lots of colour and **** coming down, berbeling time i thought, they'll be queuing up for it. Well you know what thought did......followed a **** cart and thought it was a wedding!

The session didn't go to the script and I struggled, taking a chub about 3 lb and a small barbel of 5 lb just before the light started to go. Ah well there's always tomorrow!

Sun 19 7 09
Afternoon/evening session as usual, fished the pellet rods. The river was still up by about a foot with colour. A couple of hours passed with no bites to speak of, a few bumps on the tip but not real bites. Then the down stream rod whips round, and a small chub of 2 lb comes to the net. Well that's a start, i thought to myself!
I put the fish back started to re-bait the rod that had caught the fish and the other rod goes. Another chub comes to the net, looked a big fish, but when landed turned out to be hollow with big head and nothing to back it up downward, it just made 4 lb.

Another hour and a half passed with nothing happening and then the upstream rod slams over. I hit it and it immediately starts to take clutch. At first I thought I might have latched into one of the few carp in this length, but it didn't hit the surface as they do. A quick change of appraisal to what's on the hook and it must be a barbel of about 6 -7 lb. Most of the babel in this range fight like stink on the river. Where as the bigger fish just plod with heavy pressure. After a robust fight of about 4 minutes it breaks the surface and it's a far bigger fish than I thought it was. Three times I have it ready for netting and three times it bore off again.
"Right you ******, you coming out this time." So I turn a couple of notches on the clutch, and up it pops up like a cork and in the net.
First look at it in the net and I knew it was a double, but by how much was the question? Well, not by much, as it's a scrapper 10 at 10 01. Well that me going home a happy man with the first double of the season I think to myself!

I fished on till 10 30 pm, but no more bites were forthcoming.

One other point of interest is this, some weeks ago my wife came home from town with a present for me, one of those Nordic walking poles, very lightweight and collapsible types.
I was to say the least somewhat sceptical of it. Saying thanks love but they're Ponce Poles!..... Ever thankful me you know!

It no secret to those that know me my knees are bad, having had operations on both in the last 2 years. The right one full of osteo arthritis and needs a complete knee replacement. Left ones not as bad and bearable most of the time.
As the length I was fishing is a long walk down hill, I've been struggling for sometime coming back up the hill. So I though I'd give this pole a field test to see if it's any good.

Well I can report they are excellent aid to your walking and was back at the car in 10 minutes rather than the 15 it usually takes me.
Ponce poles or not, it will become a fixture of my holdall from now on.
So If you are like me with bad knees and finding it difficult to reach the swims you once fished years ago, I'd highly recommend you invest in one of these Ponce Poles.
Just a pity I can't use two (bucket has to be carried in one hand), else I'd be running up the bloody hill with em'!!!!!!!

Just need them to make them in Real Tree now and we'll be right won't we. LOL!

Updated 20-07-2009 at 13:38 by The bad one

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  1. Sean Meeghan's Avatar
    Get two ponce poles Phil - they work better that way! Must be another way of carrying the bait.
    Updated 20-07-2009 at 17:23 by Sean Meeghan (Missed a bit!)
  2. Mr Cholmondeley-Corker (PaSC)'s Avatar
    10 minutes!

    You do well Phil, it takes me 20-30 with stops. Mind you I'm as fit as a chain smoking salad dodger and carry far too much gear - bag on my back, quiver over the shoulder, chair and net in one hand, buckets in the other. When I fall in the mud I do it properly I can tell you.

    Well done on the fish BTW.
  3. Fred Bonney's Avatar
    Congrats on your double Phil.