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The bad one

  1. Update time!

    I guess I'm like most, we only ever remember the good times when we catch good fish and have a very, very selective memory about the grullers!

    So I'll deal with the grullers first. Since my last entry the river has been low clear and fished quite poorly. I've not taken any fish of any species of any note.
    It got that bad that the Bad One even started missing days fishing, and I'm very fortunate that I can usually get on 3 days a week. At one point I didn't wet a line for ...
  2. Mixed fortunes

    Wed 15 7 09
    Went on the Ribble afternoon/evening decided on a session on the stick after the roach, river up 2ft and coloured.

    Took about an hour to get the fist bite a small chub then a eel about 1 08. Oh no I thought eels mid afternoon, could be a bad sign. Last time that happened a few years ago I had 29 of the buggers before i had a silver fish.

    Then I had a roach 1.02, whilst the fishing wasn't fast a furious I caught 5 in total taking another over the ...

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  3. Revenge comes quickly and ever so sweetly

    After the Wye trip I averted a trip to the divorce courts by having a day off on Saturday and reacquainted myself with the dog and here in doors.

    A wise move (best I've made this season) as it rained heavily all Saturday evening/night. By the time I dragged myself out of the pit Sunday morning the day was overcast but most of all had stopped raining.
    Phoned Rivercall to see what the level was on my beloved Ribble. Gave .2m up but rising at 03 15. The indoors Dear asked whether ...

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  4. Bloggedy blog

    Spent 3 days on the Wye last week, the Hay area. River up about 2ft when we me and Ian my fishing mate got there. Long time since I fished this river, 30 years, or there abouts.
    Ian got lost on the way to pick me up on the westside of the city. How the hell he got that side of the city I'll neve know? Should have come off on the eastside, and it's only 2 m/ways and 2 A roads to where I live?????????

    On arrival we asked the farmer could we take the van down the track and park ...