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    Dean Hill Guest


    So i'm sitting on the bank with Terry on saturday night,he tells me he's after just two fish,what d'you know, he catches one of them the very next morning.How does he do that?

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    Stephen Booth Guest



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    James Bradshaw Guest


    Many's the time I've wanted ''just two fish''... I find scaling down to a 1lb hooklength and a size 20 hook, with a maggot on, helps - I can get five fish on a good day... or am I missing the point here...?

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    David Will Guest


    Some people are obviously luckier than others.
    Or is it a case of making your own luck by observation , watercraft ,intense concentration on the job in hand , a desire to succeed , being prepared to move at the right time , top quality bait in the right place at the right time.
    Imagine being able to bottle the luck of Ivan Marks Dave Harrell Alan Scotthorne Bob Nudd Rod Huthinson Ritchie McDonald Terry Hearn Dave Lane Kevin Maddocks etc etc etc.

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