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    Just purchased one off ebay this second for 40, great condition. Got a a 5010GT, great reel. Is the 8010 GT any different?


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    Sorry the aero 8010 not GT?

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    Is it true the older veriosn i.e the aero 8010 not GT is better! I hope i dont have the drag problem!

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    I have two 6010 GTs and they have not given me any trouble (except if you drop them onto concrete from 15ft up!)

    As I understand the only difference between the 8010 and the GT is that the GT has a double handle and one more ball bearing.

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    the only differnce bettween the 5010 and the 8010 is the line capacity. I think it is about 300 yards of 12lb on the 8010.

    Hope this helps.

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    Are the shimano aero baitrunner 8010s (not GT version) any good?

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    yes they are a great reel, but if you want more balanced reel go for the GT. There are usualy quite a few of them on ebay.

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    jon helyer Guest


    Some of my friends have found that the newer GT's that have been out for 2 or 3 years now are not as good as the previous ones, mainly due to the drag problem. However they all use braid! Quite a few of my friends have switched to Okuma's.....

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    I've got a 5010GT and its great about 4 years old and still performing as new. I was looking to add a okuma to my other rod, but after testing a friend's and witnessing a handle falling off (actually snapping) and just the feel, didnt feel as good as a shimano. So I got a SHIMANO 8010 (not GT) of ebay for 40. Couple of years old. Came this morning and my god its smooth and the baitrunner is great, and even no wobble! Well, now that i've finished my a levels and the suns out I spent today down the lakes and had my fish on the reel and the drag, its lovely. Better then the alivios drag (which is fantastic) and handling the 12 lb carp was quality!!!! It was a drop back so the baitrunner wasnt tested on a fishs run but I tested it when I got it and smooth,shimanos always have been. I oiled it and cleaned it before I went out and I JUST CANT FAULT IT!!! Stay with SHIMANO, Okumas are not upto scratch!

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    iv got 2 8010gts and i havent got a bad word to say about them there brilliant well recommended reels!!!

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