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Thread: Virgin Carp

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    Paul Williams Guest


    For a few years now i have had my eye on a few carp in a local water, on warm hot days i have always managed to find them in a treelined corner of the lake.
    I haven't fished for them for the simple reason i thought they were on the whole low to mid i had the shock of my life!! three fish appeared that i would put at mid twenty to possibly 30lb, exeptional fish for this area.
    I had them taking floaters today, but only very cautiously so i didn't get the rod out of the van, obviously i am going to perservere with the floaters but i am also going to bottom fish at times.
    I have my own ideas on how i want to fish but i would be very interested to hear other comments on carp that have not seen it all.
    The water is generally deep but the corner i have found the fish in is from 1ft to 8ft before dropping off into deeper water.
    The bottom is covered with that rig clogging filametous bottom weed that thrives in very clear water.
    Anyone care to comment how they would tackle it?

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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    I'd probably pop-up a combi of a lump of flavoured meat and cork or artificial sweetcorn - something like that, or fishy pop-up boilie - using a combie rig attached to either leadcore (if they allow it) or sinking tubing.

    This way the leadcore or tube is well hidden amongst the weedy bottom and the bait is nicely presented and 'visible'. Perhaps it would'nt look very natural to, what would I'm sure, be very shy carp, but curiosity should ensure some interest.

    I'd also use some PVA foam on the hook - this will ensure the hookbait is presented over the weed and act as a visible marker when it comes off the hook! Saves on the use of marker floats etc, and minimises the chances of the carp becoming 'spooked'.

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    I think I'd trickle half a tin of corn in as often as possible (every day even) for at least two weeks. And then fish for them with three grains on the hair, on a light, running leger, or even well laid on with float tackle.

    Or a big, free-lined lob.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Got a similar lake near to me.
    Big lake unfished, big carp that haven't seen any real bait before.

    We (I talked two buddies into doing a bit of a campaign) are putting in whole maize and hemp as often as possible.
    We are also scattering in a few boilies, as we are planning this to be a two or three year thing until the cats out of the bag and every man and his dog get on there.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Use the carp to clear the areas of weed for u. Keep trickling in hemp or pellets in several likely areas for a few weeks. They will root around the bottom and clear areas themselves. Once they have cleared an area, set your trap. Believe me, this works!!!! Make sure u pin your rigs to the bottom though. Try and keep the areas close to the margin and near over hanging trees etc as they are easier to bait up tight and hand place your rigs.

    Goos luck!!

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    Stewart Bloor Guest

    Default good friend...the one of whom I always have nice things to hero...the one I've always wanted to be like...handsome, debonair, smooth, sophisticated etc etc...
    ...where did you say that local lake was again that had 30's....

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    Paul Williams Guest




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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    s'funny my screen seems to go blank...ah, I know, you've mailed me direct...

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    Stewart Bloor Guest

    Default he hasn't...he must be serious about this water...or jealous that I'll get on there first and catch all the 30's....

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    Paul Williams Guest

    Default you getting on with "bubbles" the friendly carp and Kevin the accomadating chub, are they still following you about?

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