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Thread: Carp Tackle

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    Paco West Guest


    Hi and thanks for my replys for my last message.
    I am new to carp fishing and i was just wondering that if i was going for around 15lb and above what line strenth,hook size and bait would you recommend. Also would you use a hair trace thing!
    The thing that goes below the hook that you attach boilys and pellets too. And if you do then how do you get the line through the bait???

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Looks like you need to do a little reading my friend. There are many articles published on the web or in mags showing how to use a hair rig. Its to difficult to explain in detail in words.

    I think it is improtant that u walk before you can run, so, I would suggest forgetting complicated rigs etc and find a water that contains easy fish that u can catch on sweetcorn, luncheon meat etc. This will allow you to build experience and confidence.
    Also, ask anglers on the lake. This is the best way of learning for your particular area...

    Hope this helps a little

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Rob is, I can't believe I'm agreeing with him for once...let me just pinch myself here....only teasing Rob...
    But seriously, Paco, as Rob says, walk before you run. You do say you are new to carp fishing. But does that mean you are already a fisherman or that you are starting off completely fresh?

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    Paco West Guest


    Hi and thanks for the replys
    Now, i am a network system engineer(wow,big deal)23yrs old, so im not stupid and i would have appreciated it if you could have answered some of my questions like the line strength and hook size. I'm so busy i don't really have time to read fishing books at the moment. I have been catching small carp at the foxhole in northampton, upto 8lb but i want bigger fish. I've been and bought a shimano Carp CRUNCHER feeder rod and shiamno reel.Well cool they are.
    Anyway the problem i had was that alot of small fish(tench)upto to 2lb were eating my maggots so i wanted to go onto bigger bait so only the bigger fish would take it.I even tried four maggots and these little tench still took it.Greedy buggers. Can you please advise me and tell me some good bait aswell. I heard pellets were good!!
    thanks alot

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Sorry, going to be brutal here, we are all busy, myself especially, but we are trying to help you here. Some appriciation from yourself would not go amiss! I presume u are having a bad day so I will say no more.

    If you want big carp, get proper carp gear, not feeder rods, read the books, listen to and learn from the advice given by anglers of many years experience, and most importantly, dont fish with baits smaller fish will pick up.

    Boilies will sort the bigger fish. You can buy pre tied hair rigs, i would not drop below 8 pound line and a 1 3/4 pound test curve rod, probably recommend 10 pound line and a 2 1/4 pound rod. pellets will pick up small Tench just as much as maggots.

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    Andy Thatcher Guest


    Hi Paco no one intended any slight against you, well not initially anyway !

    I think it is a case that Stewart, Rob and myself have all learned a great deal from reading about fishing and to be honest it is the best way to learn. For example if I were to say to you use the Knotless Knot the chances are you won't know what I am talking about, I am not able to show you a picture and to be honest as much chance of being able to describe it to you as catching a 66lb carp from a Scottish Lock.

    This media is brilliant for communicating ideas but for demonstrating techniques it is lacking.
    I only live down the road from you in Luton so drop me a line and I'll show you through a few rigs and things if you want.

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    Paco West Guest


    ahh sorry doods
    i didn't mean to offend you. I appreciate that your all professionals and that you've learnt alot from reading. I like reading, but all my books have been on computers. I think i will take your advice and buy some magazines.
    And your right i have had a bad day and i haven't a clue what a knotless knot is.
    oh and thanks Andy for saying you will show me, your too kind, but my mrs is moaning about me not helping her enough with our newly born so i wont be going for a while anyway.
    I might mail you when i'm free if thats ok.
    And I know i bought a feeder rod, but its called a 'Carp Cruncher'. It must mean something!!

    Thanks again everyone.

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    Andy Thatcher Guest


    Mail me anytime. Clear up one thing straight away we are not professional. Well I am not anyway, I wouldn't even claim gifted amateur !

    Give this a try though.

    If your lake has an island a maggot feeder cast regularly, every 10 minutes, will get interest.

    If there are no features that you can see put on a lead, at least half an ounce, and cast out. Retrieve the lead slowly so it touches the bottom.
    After doing this after a couple of casts you will start to tell when the lead is going through weed and when it is going over gravel. The weed will drag your feeder rod top round, gravel will feel bumpy. Cast to the gravel.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Paco, I can't really add to what Rob and Andy have said about Netiquette...but as you say, you do all your reading on computers, then why not check out the fishing sites that are around? You can print off all the stuff that's useful and compile your own folder...actually, there's an article on how to be a carp fisherman right now on the Features section of FM....

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    Dave Silvers Guest


    Paco - No offence meant here, but are you sure you've got the time to go fishing.

    Once you get past the basics and get set up with pods,buzzers and a bed chair then you can get out the reading material. It will improve your skills no end as well as filling the hours waiting for that magic run.

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