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    Dave Bonas Guest


    I am soon to be spending a 4 day stint at Waveney Valley Lakes on the Heartsmere pool and wondered if anyone had any sound advice on baits or knowledge of the pool that may help me in any way.
    Thanks in Advance.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Have you looked at there site??? Loads of info on it.

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    Dave Bonas Guest


    Have already been on the site, was hoping to gain more information such as hotspots, best baits, features etc but the web site hasn't got this info.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Ahhh..ok..I have several books at home that refer to Waveney...i'll have a look and let u know what I find.

    I have been there 5 times, but never once fished...too pressured for my liking....but I just had to see the place.

    Seems the succesful method is to load up a boat with Active-8 or BFM and sail it under the far bank trees, dump the lot on the marginal shelf and wait. I have read about people deliberatly fishing short with a single hookbait and catching well.

    I am sure there are others more qualified than me to tell u the going method. Have u tried phonning...the guy there is very heldful

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    Peter Morton Guest



    Give Penge Angling a ring on 02087784652 and ask to speak to Wayne or Terry,they will be able to give you the latest info,as their boss who owns the complex lives up there.Hope this will be of some help!


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    Dave Bonas Guest


    Have just returned from my trip here and boy were you right Rob it is a pressured water and one of the hardest sessions I have endured in the last 2 years. But all in all a joy to fish in a very well maintained fishery and we managed to catch 5 fish between us and my mate managed to beat his personal best after 18 months of trying.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Dave, well done!!
    What were the sizes of fish...which lake did u fish...what baits did u use...tactics etc?

    Just curious as i am off down there on Friday...

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    Dave Bonas Guest


    Right here we go.

    Fished the Heartsmere Pool on Peg 1 as don't have a bait boat and it's nice and easy to bait swims from the bank.

    2 rods to right hand bank near reeds.
    2 rods to left bank 1 near to lilypads by overhanging tree and other near gap in rushes between pegs 2 and 3. You can only fish the left bank if no-one is on peg 2 though.

    Fish weights and baits as follows.

    18lb Mirror, Assasin Popup. Left Bank near gap.
    14lb Common, Tutti Frutti with Pinapple Dip. Left Bank near lillies.
    13lb Common, Tutti Frutti. Left bank near lillies.
    8lb Mirror, Active8 popup. Right Bank.
    15lb Common, Hair Rigged Sweetcorn. Right Bank.

    All fished on running rigs over a bed of hemp and sweetcorn.

    I hope this helps you out a bit.

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