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Thread: Rig articles

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    Big Rik Guest


    I'm just putting together the basis of some rig articles, individually and together with Stu D.

    What do you want to see?
    Is it what rigs we use and why?
    The rig with terminal set up?
    Rigs for certain baits?
    Something different?


    Tell us and then we can tailor the articles to suit

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    I would appreciate what rigs for sensitivity you use and why.
    The difference between useing a light or heavy weight. i.e. is there a fulcrum point to enable a fish to pull line through whithout moveing the lead.

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    I don't know if you have the gear to do this, but I would like to see a downloadable video to show the testing of rigs - ie. dragging the rig away from your hand to make sure the hook flips properly.

    I've read about this so many times but if I'm doing it right my rigs are cack!

    It would be nice if you can explain each element of the rigs you feature. We'll never learn anything if people just tell us which rig to use when, without telling us why.

    (ps. a specific river Carp rig would be good to see - especially if it catches Barbel!)

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    Matt, this can be covered of course, but what tests are you doing and how are you measuring your tests?

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    I would really appreciate a KISS.

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    sash Guest



    I think one major failing of most magazine article writers is that they don't put across their thinking on why they do something and you just know that there is no original thought behind the process at all. Ideally whatever you write should cause enough personal thinking without spoonfeeding if that makes sense.

    I personally would like to see something on the types of hooks and why they should be used in different situations i.e. straight point, curved point or wide gape, narrow gape

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    I'd be another one who would like to know the why/when to use a specific rig, and, yes, please include all the terminal gear, leads, links and all.

    Maybe start with a basic hair rig, swivel and sliding lead and build up from there? That would make a good comprehensive rig list for numpties (i.e. me) up to advanced for those can then customise the designs and add to the document as time goes by.

    And if you get time, can you pop down to my local lake and catch fish for me too ;-)

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    I would agree with Sash. Rather than maybe giving specific rig designs, give more of the background to why your rig should be a certain style to suit that situation.

    Although there will be many people who will just want to copy and use your rigs, there will be others who would like to incorporate your ideas into their rigs to meet their requirements. I hope that makes sense?!

    Another aspect which people (including myself) would find useful is the different rigs that you use in diffrent baiting situations. eg fishing over 5kg of partiblend compared to 10 x 20mm freebies compared to PVA bag.

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    Big Rik Guest


    I think a lot of you need to re-read some of my previous rig articles where I constantly suggest that a specific rig is dependant on bait/bottom/fish size etc etc etc

    but it's definitely something that I'll bring into the future articles.

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    I'd been doing the palm test by holding the baited hook in my palm and slowly moving my hand away from the stationary lead. I've always thought that the hook is supposed to flip over so that the point would catch my hand rather than just falling away.

    I assumed the idea was to simulate the hook catching the Carp's bottom lip.

    One or two issues back in Carpworld someone had written about the effectiveness of various rigs. By doing this test he found that some rigs in common use would only catch the hand 2 out of 10 times. Of course his rig worked everytime.

    I can't remember who the writer was as I've given the mag away, but it was proabably part of the rigworld section.

    In all the years I've been fishing a reading about fishing I've read about this test umpteen times, but I don't know if I'm doing it right or even if it's on any relevance at all!

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