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Thread: surface fishing

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    hi there some help for carp surface fishing which i have just started to have a go at should i use my carp rod with 2and half test curve or could i use a shorter rod like a spinning rod or boat rod and if so any paticular weight or line type to use or combination.
    just a note i am a novice at fishing only started last year as i had to give up the old spoil a good walk sport.
    any help would be appriciated.

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    Cakey Guest


    I use a 2.5 harrison blank

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    I use a 1Żlb Sportex blank.

    Funny how they make spod and marker rods, but not many make a specific floater rod.

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    jason fisher Guest


    woohoo one less golfer the worlds already a better place.

    personally i just use the softest rod i happen to have with me.

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    thanks for the posts so far as jason fisher's post definately true trying to convert a few of the golfing buddies to fishing.
    still have clubs and trolly thinking of turning them into a cart to carry fishing gear.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Flog 'em on eBay and buy a carp barra'.

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    i have spoken to one of the drivers who deliver's to our works today and he told me he uses this setup.
    7'Boat fishing rod & Krystonite Super Mono 12lb with a fox bubble controller and it works well for him.
    think will give it a try.
    will let you know how it work's out for me.

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    Fox and Wychwood to surface rods I think they are about 2 1/2 lb. Personaly i use a 1 1/2 lb unless at range.

    I wouldnt like to use anything under 12' because i want to pick up the floating line fast to get a positive strike.

    I use a small mitchell reel for floater and stalking. with 8lb line which i spray with leeda fly line floatant.

    I use a simple controller float set up with enterprise tackles dog mixer on the hook it has a small recess to slip in a split shot i then hook it through the top. The shot makes sure the hook is out of the water and the carp cant see it as it approaches from underneath.

    Hope that helps good luck.

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    thanks benny some good info had a look on the tackle shop got some floater rods will have a good think before i buy.

    also in passing just been watching total fishing on sky had a spot on surface fishing one guy was using a fly rod.
    i suppose this is a good method of floater fishing as you have the extra weight of the fly line to help with presentation.
    if anybody has some views on this method would be helpfull as i recently got a second hand fly rod at a car boot.

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    i have never tried it but i have heard of a lot of people doing it its supposed to feel awsome with a centerpin and light rod. I have also heard of other people catching on flies. The carp must see them all the time its the equivelent of a natural like bloodworm and thats emptying lakes at the min.

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