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    I am soon going to be staying for five days near a large (40acres ish) reservoir at Mielan, SW France. I've seen some carp there of a good size in the past and it does get a bit of pressure.

    I'm not a carp specialist and would appreciate some advice on bait to take. Boilies? Pellets? Size? Type? ready made? I've tried corn in the past without result, and will be limited by weight cos I'm flying EasyJet.

    I plan on spending time finding some carp first then chucking out a few freebies to get them interested. Maybe using a small spod?


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    rob tudor Guest


    I'd take a couple of kg of tutti's a pot of dip and a pot of popups and buy particles in the supermarkets they do big tins of corn, chicks, haricots, black eyes etc I would also take a tin of tigers all of these are pretty instant. But as you say getting on the fish is more important then the bait

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    If using boilies you will probably need to mesh them to protect against the dreaded poisson chats.
    I'd only differ slightly from rob on the bait front in that I would take Mistral Rosehip Isotonic boilies in 20 mm size.

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    Cakey Guest


    same as above but I would take solar squid and oct

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    Rob, Wooly, Cakey,

    Thanks for your help



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