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Thread: longshanks

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    I have been tying lots of rigs with different hook patterns,hooklink materials,hair lengths and setups.

    I have found thayt when gragged across the palm the longshank hooks turn much faster and more often than conventional or widegape hooks!

    I know they are mostly used with popups or critically balanced baits.

    I would like to know if you lot have found the same and if any of you use them for bottoms?

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    B175 on mono for bottom baits works well for me.

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    NottmDon Guest


    Ive been using some G4 barbless Raptors, not exactly a long shanked hook but certainly not a pattern I would use if the wide gaped offset hooks had been available. I have to admit that being barbless and of a straightish shank I had my doubts about them. I couldnt have been more wrong, they hook and hold and the point is one that holds its sharpness, all in all a pleasant surprise.

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    I use longshank nailers and agree they turn better. I use them with bottom baits almost exclusively too.

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