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Thread: Spod Rods

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    I am about to enter the world of spodding a want to get a rod, i have seen a couple for about the 50.00 mark Fox Worrior and the TFG, anyone used either o0f these or can recomend one in the same sort of price range.

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    I have the wychwood rogue spod rod. i have been very impressed with it, a nice through action you can get a wychwood big pit reel with it as a deal for about 80 notes.

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    roto fryer 1 Guest


    spend a little more and get a greys spod. you get a lifetime warranty with this. it is also a superb piece of kit

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    Cakey Guest


    blimey ....I agree with Roto

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    Bully Guest


    How much though, as I am interested in getting a spod rod as well?

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    roto fryer 1 Guest


    80 quid from wickford angling although mine cost 108 when i bought it a few years ago

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    Frothey Guest


    do you use it for casting your boat out cakey?

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    Cakey Guest


    didnt say I had one ......just agreed with Roto

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    NWAC are doing a Fox Warrior spod and a DAM VSI reel for 54.99

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