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Thread: fox dxr

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    I have got a a pair of fox dxr's
    Does anyone no how the two sensitivity controls work.
    I have played aboput and the first one moves around in a series of clicks what does each one do
    The second one just turns around smoothly so I presume this is more or less sensitive settings its the click one thats got me foxed no pun intended

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    doesnt one turn it to vibration sensor? just a thought i no one of the fox models did this cant remember which one tho

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    The third knob down is the control for the magnet wheel. The forth knob down is for vibration. On mine, the magnet wheel is at its most sensitive when turned fully anticlockwise. The vibro is most sensitive when turned fully clockwise.

    The vibro <u>will only</u> work when the magnet knob is set at maximum sensitivity (fully anti-clockwise). Do this first then set the vibro wheel and tap the side of the alarm with your finger, this will set off the alarm -<u> it is very sensitive.</u>

    I'm not sure if they are all like this (there were two versions of the buzzer one cermamic one brass) so you may have to play around if they don't behave as mine do

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