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    I am thinking about buying a rucksack for my fishing trips. I have been looking fox ones. I have seen:
    -Fox Royale 75l 69.99
    -Fox Stalker 75l 39.99
    -Fox Evolution 80l 99.99

    I don't want a very heavy rucksack, but I prefer to spend a bit more in order to have a good quality rucksack.
    Which is the difference between Royale and Stalker? I guess Evolution Rucksack would be a heavy one, would not be?

    Would you recommend me other rucksack? I have seen Nash ones but they look heavier.



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    I have the 100 litre Fox and it is the best rucksack I have ever had. I even took it travelling around the world for 7 months! very comfortable!
    If you dont fill it up, you can bring the cover right over so it is not all baggy at top! Great piece of kit!

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    Which fox rucksack do you have? stalker one or royale one?

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