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    Hi all,
    How was the first day of the new season for everyone?
    Must admit mine has started very well. Managed to be fishing by 6 this morning. A little later than liked. But by 6.30 a lovely 8lb common lay in the bottom of the net.
    Then followed two nice bream, 4lb mark each. And to top it off a cracking mirror of 16lb 2oz came along about 8.30!! Felt like all my xmas' had come at once. Well chuffed.
    Packed up at 4.30pm without another bite!
    Any other carp grace the banks today?

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    James Townsend Guest


    Good one Robbie. I didn't do so well (see my thread) I blanked! Good to know someone elses day was better than mine.

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    Cakey Guest


    I didnt finish a big install yesterday so I had to work......................poxy B+O gear

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    Frothey Guest


    nice one robbie

    gone wrong yet cakey? shoulda told them to wait, b&o customers are normally soooooo understanding......

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    Cakey Guest


    4 days now frothey ......pre wired it 6 months ago now changed his mind at least 10 times ...i.e. plasma now on swing bracket so data leads to brain now dont reach blah blah blah

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    Frothey Guest


    wired one for an avant in corner, then decides plasma and moans that they got to pay to have cables moved...our fault for them wanting something totally different (after they said no way do they want panel) innit?

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    Well done mate!
    Hope my prebaiting proves to be as fruitful! Start a 2 nighter tonight on the Thames fingers crossed something has been on the bait and makes a visit tonight!


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    Hi Guy,
    How did you fair mate? Anything interesting pass your way? Let us know.


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    Cakey Guest


    still rules,I cant start until 21st

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    Finally managed a Thames Carp - not one of the real Monsters but at 15lb 4oz I was chuffed to bits to say the least.

    2-30am screaming run and hard fight and there was my prize which definitly made all those prebaiting trips worthwhile.

    Good Luck tight lines to all

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