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    There's nobody more fed up than me of seeing decent threads on the carp forum degenerating into rows between carp anglers and non carp anglers.

    I don't know if that's keeping carp anglers off the carp forum, but I want to find out.

    Let's try an experiment.

    If you're not a carp angler and have no intentions of starting carp fishing, and have nothing constructive to contribute to a thread on the carp forum, then keep off it.

    We'll leave the debate about whether this request is good, bad or indifferent to another time. Or start another thread on another section of the forum.

    In the meantime we'll see if the popularity of the carp forum gets better or worse.

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    Perhaps a word of explanation will be appreciated by those who haven't seen the 'aggravation' on other threads.

    Some of our most enthusiastic carp angling members reckon that some of them are drifting away from FM because they've had enough of some threads on the carp angling forum being 'sabotaged' by non carp anglers and the threads ruined for any further serious debate.

    They're not against banter and p**s taking, but would prefer it to be handed out by their peers rather than someone who obviously has no interest in carp fishing.

    I've been told several times now that the carp forum would be more popular if this didn't happen.

    Hence the message above.

    So rather than relying any more on common sense prevailing I've decided to try it another way.

    See message above.

    It's regrettable if this action seems a bit harsh, but it's the only way to find out if what I'm being told is right.

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    Well theres no getting away from it now, its up to the carp anglers.

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    I think its a good idea have missed contributions from some of the regular Carp anglers that have been quite for a while now.
    I hope they come back as there input as always been welcomed by the majority of FM members.

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    On this basis ad or what its worth, Iíll be posting and contributing articles from here on in.

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    good start me finks, i'll try again.....

    On this basis and for what its worth, Iíll be posting and contributing articles from here on in.

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    Bully Guest


    Bo...cks. There are just a load of beer swilling, fat lardy, loud, bollie bashing

    ........which is why I cannot wait to my fishing trip to France in Sept with them!!

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    Frothey Guest


    "Well theres no getting away from it now, its up to the carp anglers."

    its up to people to come forward, not just "carp" anglers, and ask questions that rik/stu(if they are still coming back!)/cakey/etc can answer rather than hoping they're going to start a thread/do a feature on what they want to read.
    when some of this blew up a while ago, people said they wanted more of the "basic" articles, we said to ask and we'd come up with sopmething (the dip thing and Malc's french articles (i think) were off the back of that). so far, i think only one thing has been asked for.....

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    Frothey Guest


    haha, lol, wrote that before stu replied....

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    your'e right there Bully, not long until we hit the ferry mate, and present you with your very own gimp suit in order to service us all in that very special way.

    Wat-o Froth's, all well?

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