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Thread: New Horizons

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    Terry Comerford Guest


    Has anyone used their bait boats for a spot of long distance, floater fishing?

    Is this a viable method?

    Would carp feed more confidently on the surface at long distance?

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    Moody Malc Guest


    Yes, Ive tried it Terry, but beware: It depends on the type of door opening you have on your boat!

    If your hopper doors sit below the waterline, you may end up with most of the floaters coming back with the boat! LOL

    Also be aware of the possibility of the line getting caught up in the door mechanism!

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    Terry Comerford Guest


    Could I put the controller float, rig and freebies in a PVA bag, in the boat?

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    Moody Malc Guest


    I don't see why not mate.

    I thought I was being clever you see, and thought I would do without the controller float - DOH!

    Perhaps others have better experiences of it than I?

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    Terry Comerford Guest


    I agree with what you said Malc, about the hopper doors, I then thought the bag would drop cleanly, melt, then leave my hookbait, amongst the freebies, in the correct spot, after the boat turns away.

    I thought the float would be needed for visual reasons only, at long distance.

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    Apr 2005


    What if you get a take before you get the boat back in?

    You drop the lot and miss it! DOH!

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    Terry Comerford Guest


    You might DB, but I would be kneeling with the rod beside me, and the remote on the ground as I send the boat out.
    I think the bag melting would also give a little time, before a take could take place.
    If I still got a take, I would hand the remote to a friend to bring the boat in.

    How would you deal with large carp feeding on the surface, at distance?

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    Terry Comerford Guest


    Anyone else with any ideas on this?

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    Big Rik Guest


    drift a bait out to them ?

    how far is 'distance' Terry ?

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    Terry Comerford Guest


    200 mtrs under overhanging trees, on a No Fishing bank!
    A pike drifter type float Rik?

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