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Thread: Bag Mixes

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    Big Rik Guest


    on another thread, Frothey queried whether pellets in a PVA bag was losing it's allure.

    Have you had any success with anything different in your bag mix ?

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    Ozz Guest


    This season all I have fished has been bags, containing crushed hemp 3mm bloodworm pellets and 3mm halibuts, with a dousing of sensas hemp oil...and pepperami, cut down bloodworm boilie, and halibut pellet on the hair. Have consistently caught on all three. Depending on which bait I used I've also added a bit of the hookbaits to the bag, but the bags have been no bigger than a golf ball size.

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    Here's one I've never heard of before, sent to me via email last week from a lady angler.

    She cooks hemp and then lets the juice drain off by putting it in a bag made from a pair of tights. Then she puts the hemp in an old pillow case and dries it thoroughly in a tumbler drier. She then fishes with it using PVA bags.

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    Frothey Guest


    i'm using dry powder mixes more....on short sessions why wait for the pellet to break down? mix of different base mixes left over from rolling, meaty marine, tuna, solar growler and crushed hemp. damped with either hemp/liver/bloodworm/salmon/tuna oil or a mix of them.
    sometimes just the oils in the bag - the bloodworm does leave a lurvely cloud around the bait.
    the one thing i rarely do is use whole baits....

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    Pellets and bits and bobs for me everytime - well until I've gone through the 80k stack I got when I bought in bulk last year.

    Buying pellet in builk has got to be the way forward for us carp anglers. 17-20 for a 25 kilo bag! are we mad buying this from a tackle dealer or what?

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    Moody Malc Guest


    Send us a linky thingy then mate - or email us ya supplier, please, pretty please?

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    Frothey Guest


    either the same farm suplies you get your particles from, or ask nicely at the nearest fish farm.

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    sash Guest


    I've been experimenting a lot with dark groundbaits Rik due to the waters I've been fishing being fairly shallow and infested with tufties and swans.

    The Dynamite Amino black has been a good base mixed with boilie crumb, crushed hemp, matching dip, a touch of CSL/Hemp oil/Betaine/Minamino mix and a few mixed pellets plus mini boilies (as dark as possible). This fished in a PVA bag with one or two 10mm baits on the hair has been excellent this year.

    I think it depends on wghat the water has seen before. If it has been regularly targetted with PVA stocking bags full of pellet and bigger baits (16mm-18mm) then I've noticed that dropping bait size and doing something a bit more fiddley (ie the PVA bag mix) has worked wonders.

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    Jan 2003


    Dave, what do we ask for them by at the farm supply shop? I've got a place not far from me that's quoted me 25Kg of sheep feed pellet for a fiver, and 5l of molasses for 3.90.

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    Sheep feed pellets are what are sold as CSL pellets. I get mine for 4.00 for 25kg.

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