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    I've heard/seen people using Tuna in their stick mixes. Why do they do that? Is it to do with the fish oils etc?

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    Frothey Guest


    in a word....yes.

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    in a letter Y

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    Big Rik Guest


    fish love sunflower oil, tuna and most things fishy.
    (squid and octopus is also caled tuna and mackerel)

    It also adds some 'real' food to the mix, as opposed to just powders.

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    Andy its like many of the boilies on the market today are fishmeal flavouring of sorts. Squid and Octopus, spicey prawn, caviar etc. etc. to add tuna oils to any of your groundbait, pva or general fishing can only add value matey. Not too expensive either!

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    Herr General Swordsy Guest


    Another one to try is either tinned or fresh boilled cod roe, I have had some good results with that as well.

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    I'd rather eat it Swordsey - good idea though!

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