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Thread: Dog Biscuit

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    not being a 'carper' myself i am after a little advice if poss.
    i fished a pool last night from 7 till 10.30pm spent the first hour introducing bait (dog biscuit) and letting the carp get there confidence up, i started fishing at about 8 ish.
    usual story i suppose really, they took everything apart from my biscuit, i had the fish boiling on the surface with fish easily well into double figures and a huge ghost carp that seems to be hoovering up everything.
    i managed to hook and land two fish (1 about 6lb and the other 11lb) but there must have been 30 fish milling around of which 6 or 7 were well into double figures
    i had a hair rigged a single dog biscuit on a 8lb Korum hair rig, 12 hook, to a 10 lb maxima mainline, free lined about 5 metres out, ( i fished with a controller a few nights ago and i think it spooks them, the only way i could get confident takes was to freeline)
    i have heard if you dip your biscuit in marmite this helps
    i cannot go down in line diameter because last cast, i got broke off by one of the bigger fish

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    Use a fly rod & a non-hair rigged biscuit fly. Can't see the point of hair rigging a surface bait. I'm beginning to think that dog biscuit baits are are a bit big for smaller carps' mouths when they're surface feeding. I must have missed 20 fish in a short session yesterday. Given that my fishery's carp are familiar with surface baits, I might try floating pellets of some kind, and a pellet fly as my next experiment.

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    Barry Edney Guest


    I had some 6mm expander pellets that had been in my bag unused for ages. There were a couple of carp milling around just beneath the surface in front of me, so I threw a couple of handfuls of these pellets in and they started taking them straight away. After a few more handfuls, there must have been about a dozen carp all taking confidently. (Much more confident than I have ever seen them take dog biccies) I soaked a few in the bottom of a bait box to use as hook bait and hooked 1 directly onto a 14s hook.

    The takes were as confident as they were taking the freebies. Maybe that was because they were not used to being fed such small offerings on the surface.

    One problem I did have though was the ones with the hook in didn't stay on the surface for very long. After about 5 mins they very slowly started to sink. But this wasn't really that much of a problem as the carp would still take the sinking ones, and I just watched the line to indicate a bite.

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    Ian Cloke Guest


    Marvin, instead of hairrigging a D/B try making a small incision into the D/B with a hacksaw blade(about 1-2mm deep), put a blob of superglue into the cut, then put the shank of your hook onto the blob of glue. Making sure you leave the point of the hook away from the D/B(ofcourse).

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    Afternoon guys,

    In a nutshell if you wanna use dog biscuits then follow this link. I've had much success with this method alongside a controler. The weight in the fake bait pulls the biscuit round so your hook sits on its back on the surface. You just push your hook through the rubber bait. No need to worry about soaking and the imatation is spot on.

    copy and paste in your browser:

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    Marvin, i would say the bigger carp are wise to the d/b's. Try something else, like the opther guy's have suggested. Or even pop-up boilies. Anything to catch them out (excuse the pun). Or even flavoured cork balls maybe?

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    Ozz Guest


    I've been using Bakers meaty chunks for about two years now, and would recommend these over chum mixers etc.

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    Frothey Guest


    if you think they're wising up to mixers, try koi sticks with those cork plugs on the hook.

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    a mate suggested a pop up boilie, i am assuming that you would hair rig this in the same way as a dog biscuit

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    sash Guest


    The fact that they are mopping up the loose feed suggests that they are wary of your presentation, not the bait itself and as you're freelining means it can only be the line or the hook.

    As others have suggested try an arrangement that will leave the hook uppermost but I would initially try one of the controllers that lifts the line nearest the hook off the surface. Alternatively, how about presenting a zig-rigged floater amongst the freebies which offers a completely different presentation with a sunken line?

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