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    David Tovey Guest


    Does anyone know the tel No for Willowbank Fisheries at Kirton Lindsay.
    The No shown on their website has been disconnected

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    mustn't have paid the bill ........

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    Steve Ayscough Guest


    Here you go David 01652 640512.

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    David Tovey Guest


    Thanks Steve I took a ride out to the venue this week, it looks the part and reports from the bank indicate that the fish are co-operating.

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    I`m having the same trouble mate, 01652640512 is disconnected. Anyone know any more numbers for them?

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    the new number is 01652 648452 daytime only

    mick sargent

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    Fished kirton twice this year.Well worth the money!Two PB's in 24 hrs on lake 2

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    could anyone telll me the website for willowbank fisherires please

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    Frothey Guest


    it's a pretty obvious one..... or try HERE

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    Fred Bonney Guest



    Ring Mick Sargent^^^^

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