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Thread: pop ups

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    does soaking/glugging effect the bouancy of pop up boillies???
    the reason i ask is i have a pot of rod hutchinson pop ups that dont smell of their stated flavour on the jar....infact they dont smell of anything atall,even when you break one apart it smells of nowt....i think they could do with a good soaking to bring em back to life but dont want pop ups to end up as bottom baits because thy`ve become soddon with glugg etc....what do you reckon???

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    I leave my source pop-ups in a glug all the time and they still 'pop-up'. I can see where your coming from, but even if some of the added attractant does 'weigh' the bait down, surely after a period of time this leaks off.
    just a thought, though.

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    some will, but the modern pop up mixes, or the cork ball ones (like source), will still pop-up ok.

    if they sink very slowly it could make a perfect bottom bait

    the attractant might leak off robbie, but it'll be replaced by water!

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    I do have pop ups that have turned to critcally balanced baits but they have been soaking for over a year!

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