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    Frothey Guest


    going end of october.....anyone know wht the poisson/cray activity is like?

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    Where are you fishing?

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    Frothey Guest


    les quis

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    i reckon lat=48.4293187201, lon=3.22137911942


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    Frothey Guest

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    I've fished there in the spring and summer in the past.
    In the spring I did not find them to be a problem, this I believe was probably due to the water temperature being quite cold. With this in mind they may have slowed down by October, provided the temperature is starting to fall.
    When there in the summer I found the poisson chats to be a nightmare for any baits not meshed up.
    To be on the safe side I would always make sure on a trip to Les Quis that I had plenty of netting - plastic not womens stocking and was familiar with using it.
    On my last trip when they were very active I caught well on Mistral Rosehip. These were straight out of the bag, not air dried and were meshed in plastic netting.
    I did not have alot of confidence in the bait they were selling.

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    Frothey Guest


    cheers wooly, got plenty of netting - just wanted to take some groundbait as well, but was wondering whether it would be poisson suicide!

    i'm taking a tweaked version of winter secret - it does seem to be slowing down even though the fish are still eating it (crapping it out on the mat) - rosehip, b5 and maybe one other. so should be ok for bait! taking less of more if that makes sense....

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    Cakey Guest


    get on whatever Keith's on !

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    Frothey Guest


    is he going that week?

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    The reaction to groundbait in the margins on the long lake when I was there was to bring in vast numbers of poisson chats.
    I tried uding groundbait in pva sticks and balling it in recently at Vaumigny and found that if carp were in the immediate area it helped catch them, if not the chats would wipe it out before any carp could turn up. When groundbaiting I felt that within a few minutes it had all gone.
    Do they still have luggage restrictions at Les Quis?
    If not I would recommend taking several baits to ensure you had some they were interested in.

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