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Thread: which alarms

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    hi chaps....... after nearly 20 years service with my super xl alarms i think it is time to buy some new alarms ,but shall i get delkims or the new solar tronics ,or shall i be the same as everyone else & get the fox ones ?

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    Its a personal thing mate but i have just brought the fox mmxr's blue set and i cant fault them.

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    Goodfishing ones they are cock on and not the run of the mill stuff

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    EC Guest


    I have a pair of the goodfishing alarms, and for the cash they are spot on!

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Those GF alarms look neat!!!

    I like the position of the LED being on top where you can always see it. You have to be in the right position to see the LEDs on my old Daiwas and I wanted something like the FOX STs, but saving a bit - especially on batteries.

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    jon helyer Guest


    Go for Delkims, I've heard(!) that the Solar ones aren't loud enough, don't know if that is true.....

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    Glen Howell Guest


    I have had my delkims for three years. They have never given me any trouble.

    I have had quite a few people say to me that they are planning on getting Delkims. When I ask why, they say they want to upgrade from their Fox alarms. I have also been told that the batteries don't last as long in the Fox alarms. Maybe they have the cheaper or older Fox alarms, but it has happened at least a dozen times.....

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    Big Rik Guest


    you can probably add a few more from here to that list.

    Wol, little Stu and me for starters.

    The Fox alarms eat batteries in the cold.

    Jeff, you bought a turkey with your Daiwa Sensitrons, don't do the same and buy more cheap **** like the GF alarms. Save up and buy something decent, or buy 2nd hand delkims, there's tarts out there always looking to upgrade.

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    2 of my GFx alarms are coming up to 2 years old and have been though everything the English weather can chuck at them from frosts to torrential cloud bursts. The third is coming up to 1 year old and although it has not been though as much as the other 2 has still copped for its fair share. All 3 have been though 30 minutes of pea sized hailstones in the most violent thunder storm I have ever had the pleasure to sit though and all 3 are still in perfect working order.

    Maybe you should try them before you so assertively brand them as cheap ****.

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