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Thread: the Syndicate

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    Big Rik Guest


    Good stuff again you camo clad hunk.

    Interesting questions, slack lines, bait durability, lead size, free offerings.
    Questioning why you are doing something can only serve to improve your overall end game

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    Yes, interesting about the bait durabilty.

    It doesn't seem that long ago when most carp anglers were boiling baits for several minutes to get them as hard as possible. I always wondered why, unless it was to deter nuisance species like bream, for a standard (at the time) 1.5 minute boil was enough to make the boilie last at least overnight.

    I know that a lot depends on the ingredients used, but is there any point at all in using a boilie that dissolves in just a few hours?

    The original 'design' of the boilie was to simply give the bait a hard skin, not to make it hard throughout, but at least it should be firm enough throughout to stay on the hook for several hours.

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    Gary Knowles 2 Guest


    "nuisance species like bream"

    How dare you sir - I prefer the term 'non-target species'

    Where do washed out baits fit into all this then ?

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    Big Rik Guest


    a fine line between a durable bait and still requiring it to break down, else you're just left with stodge that nothing can eat.

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    Little Stu! Guest


    the best bait has got to be something that remain hard throughout but leaks off flavour throughout a 12 hour stint. I have no issues using a hard bait considering what carp do to swan mussels etc. Does one such bait exist?

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    Big Malc Guest


    Interesting stuff again Stu.

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    Les Clark Guest


    I had the same problem with a top bait from a local well known bait company ,a good boilie but could`nt keep it up over a 8 hour span ,changed to another of their baits ,just as good ,no problem .
    Could it be in the makeup of some boilies , that they break up sooner ,or just a **** batch ?
    I buy mine in 20killo lots and the first choice were all the same ,soft after about 6 hours .

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    sash Guest



    As you know I had similar problems with the same bait and have improved the durability as follows:

    a)Glug in the matching dip but allow to dry out a bit before using (slightly better) and b) glug in one of the off-the-shelf base glugs mixed with the boilie glug. The base glug contains hardener of some sort that does at least allow an overnight session without rebaiting (approx. 6.30pm to 7am). I have noticed where nuisance (?) fish are a problem that they will not last the distance, must be the constant nibbling.

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    Stu, have you mentioned your use of this bait before? I seem to recall a certain meaty flavoured boilie made by an explosive bait company. If this is the case I've just used some of these in the ready made form for the first time and I must say I was very surprised how soft they were (splitting when I put a baiting needle through them). Impressed with them in every respect other than that though. Interesting about the the lead coming off so you were effectively freelining, I have some vague memories of a debate on here a while back where someone was claiming that if a carp can move a lead without giving an indication. I think he was claiming that freelining could give just as good an indication. I think this article proves the contrary. Certainly makes me think more about my rig/lead selection.
    Another cracking article Stu, and with this being my first season tackling proper carp (and tench and bream Gary, it's okay I've not completely lost the plot!)it's certainly making me open my mind and think about things slightly differently. Keep up the good work! Now all I have to do is catch something.....

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    Little Stu! Guest


    Good point Sash, my thoughts (when I wrote the article) led me to believe that the liquid/flavouring/glug that accompanied the 'explosive bait companies' bait was totally inadequateas It was this flavouring that softened the bait further instead of 'as you say' hardening the bait.

    ByNasty, thanks for your comments and glad the brains ticking away for you.

    I'd still like to find a robust shelflife that can hold its own, leak flavouring throughout and come in a good choice of flavours.

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