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Thread: making boilies

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    Is it possible to make boilies using a stick mix as a base mix if so how many eggs to 1lb of mix

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    Benny I've sent you an e.mail that may be useful. Maybe.
    I believe in reintarnation - I'll come back to life as a hillbilly.

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    jason fisher Guest


    what's in a stick mix?

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    "haven't fished it for years,
    when is it?
    am i working?
    who'se going?
    where is it?
    what's in a stick mix?"

    Jason, what do you know? Haha,

    Sorry Benny;-)

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    jason fisher Guest


    where them 18lb barbel come out of the thames from for a start, where the countries first 6lb perch was caught.

    where the 30lb plus pike live in the trent. how to catch 4 5lb plus chub in one evening session.
    how to catch 3lb 15oz roach and where they live or used to at least.

    sorry benny but he started it.

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    cheers for the email paulio i think i read that before i posted.

    Well i made some straight after i posted things are looking good.
    the stick mix i used held lots of bits ie crushed hemp,maize water snails etc etc so i had to add a bit of marine pellet powder so it would bind nicely i also added some belachen.

    I rolled many different sizes then i had what (i hope is a) great idea i just squished some of the paste and left it crumbly i hope this will look like a piece of the stick mix.

    The carp must find loads of these mixes minus the boilie so it just made sense i wonded weather the boilie sticks out but this piece of boilie "paste" should fit in being the same colour and being made of the same ingredients rather than just complementing it.

    In fact i think its such a good idea i should have kept it to myself you wont tell anyone will you?

    Let me know what you think.

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    Jason a stick mix is basically a grondbait which is mixed up with a pva proof glug it is then put in a funnel web tube and compressed so the pva is very tight to the "stick mix" when the "stick mix" lands in the lake the pva contracts then explodes leaving an interesting pile of bait arond your hook bait.

    Forgot to mention you pull your hooklink through the stick hiding it amongst the bait.

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    Hope that makes sense?

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    jason fisher Guest


    it makes more sense than i usually do.

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    Little Stu! Guest


    valid point Jason!!

    Benny, are you now moulding your paste around your boilie?

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