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    What do you boys use for your boilie base mixes?

    If i were to buy a dedicated base mix it works out the same money as rolled baits.

    If i use my stick mix i can make about 10 kg for 25

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    jason fisher Guest


    i used to make my own but now i just don't bother any more, i just use ready mades, i never get down enough of em to warrant any thing else.
    when i made my own i used to make the base mix my self from the ingredients.

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    jason fisher Guest


    the other thing is i started making my own in the 1980's when readymades really were ****.

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    Frothey Guest


    dedicated mixes normally work out about 30% cheaper than readymades....10kg dry normally gives me about 13-14kg rolled.

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    I use source about 6 a bag works out quite resonable as i use it for paste also which you can't do with ready mades. Unless you by there paste a well which is over priced.

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