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    Has anyone ever owned one of these. Im going to the US next week and was going to buy 3 of em...but i wanted to know if anyone has owned them first...

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    These are very similar to the early Shimano reel I used to use for coastal work. They have a front mounted fighting drag and a rear mounted bait runner tension screw.

    Very strong reels indeed. Ideal for long distance carp, beach casting, piking etc.

    If you can get them for about $120.00 each you won't go far wrong.

    I don't think they come with spare spools.

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    Thanks mate. Thats what i wanted to hear. I was comparing them to a Diawa Emblem Pro, but i really like the look of the Shimano reels, and the price difference is significant too.

    Cheers mate

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    Gary Knowles 2 Guest


    From what I've seen most of the US reels are built to withstand the rigours of saltwater fishing and most of the (better) front drag. And are therefore really good, robust reels.

    I was tempted myself when I was over recently but settled for a few spools of braid and some lures.

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    yeah ive heard once i go into this shop im not going to wanna leave. Its got a website called

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    Deecy Guest


    Geoff I have the 3500B 's for Barbel fishing which replaced 3500A's which replaced triton Seaspins and 4500 A's for Pike Carp , recently joined by one 4500B.The B's are an improvement on the A series having better line lay , bigger spools and a few more bearings.As Gary said they are designed for inshore sea fishing .The baitrunner system is used for freelining livebaits intended for Tarpon.So the gearing is marine spec.They are bombproof and very much cheaper from the States as you would expect. I picked my 3500B's for less the forty quid each last December.I believe you should be paying itro 90 us$ for the 6500B's.Good choice.

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    Thanks Deecy, The website states the BTR6500B are $119 each, which i reckon is about 66. Ive seen them here for 100 each. They take 270 yards of 20Ib so they will be perfect for a big chuck spooled up with 30Ib fireline braid!

    Thanks again for your advice everyone.

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    Bought 4 last year at Chatsworth for 80 each . Smooth,tough and excellent drags.Top gear.

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    Thanks for all your information on this. I just cannot wait to get out to the US and by some now!

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    Martin Walker Guest


    I use these for my catfishing in Spain. They are good strong reels but do not have a good line lay and therefore not so good for long distance.

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