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    hi i am after a new reel for carp fishing it will be used for some leggering, free lining feeder fishing and float fishing. at the momnet i have a nash br6000 ( brillent ree) but i need more reels. all the reels i want are 60 ( is that cheap?) and just want some advice on which would be best i do want a areo baitrunner but which is best 5000 6000 8000

    let me know

    cheers mike

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    I have just got back into course fishing and needed all new stuff, you might have looked already.....but my misses got me loads of stuff cheap on ebay, good luck in your search

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    The 6000 and 8000 are the same reel with diffrent depths to the spools. These would offer more options when spooling up. I would buy one 6000 and one 8000 spooling the 8000 with line and the 6000 with braid.

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    5000RE is tiny for carping, its more like a feeder reel TBH.

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    Glen Howell Guest


    Unless you want to cast over 100yds then the 6000 will be fine. If you look on ebay, the older 6010 model sells for less.

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    I have two 8000s and a 5000. When carping the 5000 is always on a margin or close range rod.
    I then use the 5000 for barbel fishing, stalking, float fishing etc.
    I think this is a good allround setup.

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