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    I've just tied a couple of d-rigs for the first time for use on my pop-up rod, these have been tied using size 8 esp g-4 barbless hooks and a 5 inch stiffish 15lb flouro hooklength and I'm using 16mm pop-ups. Until now i've pretty much stuck to standard knotless knots on all my rods, bottom bait or pop up. Although the d-rigs were a bit of a pain in the ar5e to tie I can't help but feel quietly confident in them and i'm wondering whether it's something I should be pursuing on my other rods with bottom baits? I've tried line alligners before but didn't get on with them, they actually seemed to get more dropped runs, ould this be due to the fact that I tend to fish small baits and therefore small hooks usually super specialist size 10's? I hardly ever fish anything bigger than a 10mm boilie and my rigs are used to target tench and bream as well so I don't want to start upping the size. Bites are few and far between at the lake I'm fishing (could be cos I'm rubbish! No bites in about 10 overnighters) so I really want to develop a rig I'm confident in. Has anyone got any advice on rigs they've used, hair lengths etc? hopefully we can get another healthy debate going cos I'm sure you knowledgeable chaps will have lots of varying opinions.

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    Frothey Guest


    wouldn't personally use a d-rig if there is a lot of debris on the bottom....

    how were you tying the line aligner?

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    Little Stu! Guest


    ByNasty, im confident there is a huge knowledge base for you pull against, but I am not sure I fully understand the question or what it is you require?

    In my opinion a line aligner will do the job just fine, even on very small hooks, but (in my humble opinion) the smaller the hook the more i'd use braid to aid the turning capabilities. It's got to be tough for a stiff 15lb short flouro hooklength to aid the turning design of a line aligner if that makes any sense?

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    Little Stu! Guest


    this is a hot to trot question for Jim G?

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    Frothey, so I should only use the d-rig for my pop up then? I pretty much pop it up straight off the lead as I'm using high attract singles. I was using high tech mono for the line aligner in 8lb b.s. (this was when i was fishing the club runs water) tied with a size 10 knotless knot styley and then shrink tube, bent at an angle, over the eye and knot to give it almost a bent hook effect. The hair was held to the hookshank using a very small piece of silicon tubing and the bait sat about 1cm off the bend of the hook.

    Stu, I suppose what I'm asking is just for a few tips about rig construction eg// hair length, what i should be looking for with regards to turning of the hook, anti-eject theory etc so that I can use some of the advice to create a reliable general use rig that I can be confident in. I see where you are coming from about the difficulty in turning the hook with the stiff flouro. Doesn't the angle of the line exiting the eye on a knotless knot cause the hook to turn anyway? And does that mean it would be better to use a straight eyed hook rather than using inturned eyes if i'm using flouro? I do tend to use flourocarbon a lot rather than braid more for the camoflage element than anything.

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    After I'd made the d-rig I thought it was a pretty good set up, but as frothey pointed out it could be rendered fairly ineffective if fouled up by bottom debris so only much use for pop ups. It's obvious to me now that he's said it but that the sort of thing that might not have occured to me without a bit of guidance.

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    Stu, I've been having a think about what you said about the hook not turning with stiff flouro. Would a good solution be to put a small swivel or ring on the end of a length of flouro and then tie on a short length of braid knotless knotted to the hook to create a kind of combi rig?
    I still would prefer to use flourocarbon to some degree due to it's anti-tangle propeties and low visibility.
    Would it be worth doing this for a pop up rig or would it be overcomplicating it for no major advantage?

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    Little Stu! Guest


    They are all viable options, but you do need to think a little more about your comment:

    "I still would prefer to use fluorocarbon to some degree due to it's anti-tangle propeties"

    cos the minute you engage both braid and flouro via an additional swivel you could actually be prone to more tangles. I love the use of flouro (personally) for a D-Rig pop-up outfit but wouldn't expect to use a D-Rig for any particular turning qualities, opting for my D-Rig pop-up to just sit off the bottom as a claw ready to engage. I would attach the flouro of a d-rig to a swivel and then attach this to an additional 6-8 inch flouro boom.

    Its admiral the way youíre thinking about your rigs and trying to get a better understanding of the mechanics and as my old mate Barney (Gary Knowles) would say, keep churning the grey matter, but in this instance you may be over complicating things a little. As you probably know, I love all things riggy and try and push the boundaries in all directions with me ole mucker Big Rik in the hopeful even of discovering an additional edge. Sometimes we over complicate things, but more times or not we push through the majority of the challenging barriers of rig mechanics.

    Frotheyís had quite a lot of success on comi rigs but as for me I donít mix the two opting for either a fast sink heavy braid for bottom baits and pop-ups (more than anything these days) or just flouro for pop-up d-rigs. Based on my experience with rig boundary pushing, Iíd be recommending you steer yourself back to braid, concentrate more on the mechanics and turning capabilities of the hook and look deeper into the line-aligner options available to you. Iíve been developing a rig with Rik and more recently Frothey for popís, bottoms and snowmen (a kinda one rig suits all) based on the above plus a few more additional functions and the beta testing is producing some really interesting successful results.

    Iíve also got to say that I think flouro as a visibility aid makes tackle vendors rich and us lot stupid. Amnesia any day for usage and cost! Let me know if you need any more help as im here and happy to accommodate matey.

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    jason fisher Guest


    i used to tie a reverse combi which worked quite well but i never worked out why the fluoro would be at the hook end and formed a D on the back of the hook, then braid to the swivel, only used it for popups though.

    to tie it double the bit of line you would use to make the hair in a knot less knot back over and place it along the back of the shank then tie the knotless, you need to put the ring on the D bit first, and foreceps come in useful for holding the bits in place, either that or 3 sets of hands.
    once it was tied i'd glue the knot as well.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    What breaking strain of Amnesia would you recommend?

    I picked up a spool last weekend but I feel it may be a little light at 6.8kg, (They had three B/S I lifted the wrong spool by accident as I intended to take the one at 11kg but I can return it if it is indeed too light).

    Although it feels stiff in short lengths I'm unsure about just how rigid it's meant to be for an effective rig?

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