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Thread: Which boilie?

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    Hi all,planning a week long session and was wondering what bait to go for,bearing in mind most people use the source I was thinking of being a bit different.

    I was thinking of trying some mistral bait but not sure what flavours to try,any advice on the following would be most welcome,

    Rosehip isotonic
    Anchovy extract.

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    Little Stu! Guest


    mainline - fusion - 14mil

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    Cakey Guest


    Solar squid and oct

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    sash Guest


    Essential B5 and F10

    Seriously CP, you will get a 101 (and prob' a few more) different answers. Perhaps you'd get more constructive answers if you tols us a little about your fishing e.g. the venue type, the stock, the pressure level, etc etc

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    Cakey Guest


    I would still say Solar suid and oct but ....................................I do like Mikes B5

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    jason fisher Guest



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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Tutti Fruiti.

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    sash Guest


    Told ya!

    If you're desperate to use Mistral though, I have caught (barbel) on the Arctic Anchovy.

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    Hi guys thanks for the info so far,I am not sure what the stock of carp is,but I would guess about 100 or so running to about 27lb+,there are also millions of roach and I mean millions,and a fair head of tench into double figures.

    The lake it's self is about 2 1/2 acres,silty bottom and consists of two or three reedy bays.

    Are there baits that will preform better in silt than others?

    Does no one rate mistral then?

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    whatever you use wrap it in belachen.

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