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Thread: Silt Trouble!

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    Hi all hope you can help me out I am planning on fishing a lake with a silty bottom,but not sure how deep the silt is.

    Having never fished in silt before I am not sure what type of rig to use,and how long my hooklengths should be,I am also a bit unsure on hook baits and feed baits I should use.

    Any tips and advice would be most welcome,thanks.

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    Carp hunter, to find out how deep is the silt is to do this.

    Finding the depth that the lead will sink into the silt is a very simple affair.

    Get yourself some of the soft string stuff that is used to tie up potato bags or animal feed bags.

    Put the desired size and shape of lead that you are going to use onto the line, tie a foot or so of the spud bag stuff onto the swivel/eye on the lead then cast to the spot that you are going to fish.

    Leave it in the water for 15-20 mins then retrieve it. You will notice that there will be staining on the white of the stringy stuff, thats the depth that your lead went into the silt at that point.

    Now just set up a rig with the lead that distance + a bit to the rig.

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    Little Stu! Guest


    agree with Mr Burgess, sound advice.

    After finding out the depth, lengthen your rig accordingley, but carp will find the bait in silt anyway so I wouldn't worry too much.

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    Cakey Guest


    Same as above but I use white wool which is quicker,I also use a small pike float so as the wool is upright coming out the silt other wise you could get false readings.

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