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Thread: Spice flavours

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    jon helyer Guest


    Anyone ever used any of Nutrabaits spice flavours? I'm using sweet nutraspice with a 50/50 split of BFM and enervite, but despite carp being over my baits, no pick ups! Not even any 'nuisance fish'.

    Do spice flavours work with fishmeals?

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    Little Stu! Guest


    without a doubt!

    frank warwicks spicey prawn fishmeal's done me fine. Squid and Oct and on and on and on.

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    Frothey Guest


    do spices work with fishmeals? why add robin red if they didnt....

    how much are you using?

    premier's bun spice....mmmmmmmmmmmm

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    jon helyer Guest


    4ml in a 6 egg mix, yes I know robin red works, I'm talking about flavours, I thought S & Q was a fish flavour....

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    Frothey Guest


    4ml should be fine. maybe the fish werent "having it". trying dropping the level a little.

    or try essential oils...

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    jon helyer Guest


    The Nutraspices are quite thick in nature, but then, if they don't work in the summer, when do they?

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    Frothey Guest


    have you got an emulsifier in the bait? lecethin granules, anything like that?

    being glycol based, they will leak well in the summer anyway.....anything thinning it might overpower the signal in the water

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