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    not being carpers, a friend and i have taken the plunge and got ourselves bivvied up in readiness for a weekend of nightfishing at a local club water.
    both being married the possibility of getting out for an entire weekend is as rare as the preverbial rocking horse sh*t.
    therefore any headstart in the form of tips etc would be greatly appreciated to get the most out of the weekend.
    i was thinking of something like a hair rigged boilie and a pva bag of pellets on my loan carp rod/alarm with a beta light waggler and corn in the margins on a powerful barbel rod as my main methods of attack !!!!
    does temperature, water colour, depth etc affect the flavour of boilie to use
    any idea's tips on a good all round boilie would also be appreciated.
    there are a lot of carp around the 8-12lb mark which if possible i would like to try to avoid as i have spent most summer catching them, the reason we are going nightfishing is to try to target some of the bigger fish which are in the 20lb range, is there anything i can do which might help.
    cheers in anticipation !!!!!!!

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    Not been night fishing myself yet but worth considering trying a korum method feeder on one rod with a hair rigged boilie. I caught a 14lb common recently using a short hook length & with a scopex pop up attached fished tight to a marker pole feature on my local lake.
    Definitely worth asking other anglers on your venue what they are using bait & rig wise.
    Hope you catch what you're after.

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    just do the same as you'd do during the day.....wouldn't have thought you are any more likely to catch a 20 just because its dark though....

    biggest tips are to stay warm, fed and make sure you know where everything is...

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