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    Come on then what is your favorite feature to fish too and why.

    I will start the ball rolling mine is snags first and then the hard patch of silt where the gravel bar ends on the side nearest the bank im fishing from.I bait up on the gravel.

    Because most people fish on the gravel (i like to be different) and the larger specimens generally hold back from the baited area.

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    Frothey Guest


    anything that isnt obvious.

    you can go round in circles with this but: if bigger fish hold back from baited areas how do they mantain their weight, unless they eat loads of naturals?

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    I believe they hold back untill they feel its safe letting the less experienced "test" the area.
    i hope to catch them before i ruin the swim by dragging pastys through it.

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    I also believe that certain fish nearly always feed on naturals thats why some fish never or very rarely get banked look at wraysbury 1 for example king funguss has only been caught 3 times and as far as i am aware the big common that swam with mary (regularly seen by divers and said to be much bigger?) has never been caught but thats a whole other thread.

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