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    Any help greatly appreciated.

    I have pursuaded wy wife to spend 2 weeks in France next year. We have agreed to go to a lake with a cottage and to take another couple along.

    Has anybody any ideas of a place which ticks as many of the following boxes as possible:

    Half decent accomodation
    Lake which can be booked completely
    Pretty location
    Shops nearby
    Carp to be caught

    Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who has any ideas.

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    Hi blunderer,

    example below:

    I have used bargaingites site before and found it very good. Loads of gites all over France at good prices. Pick the area you like then do a ctrl + F search for the word "lake" (makes selecting a bit quicker).

    Hope you can find a good one.


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    Try angling Lines,there web site is really good and you can watch clips of any where that you like the look of,am sure there are a few venues that have what your looking for.
    Good luck.

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    Bully Guest


    Go onto The Mail website and see if you can find their article from the Travel Section. Last week, I think, was a piece about something similar. This concentrated on the Champagne region.

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    Thanks guys - I will pursue all these.

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    Gary Knowles 2 Guest


    La Queroy.

    not the cheapest but probably the best.

    Accommodation stunning.

    Lake private

    Loads of 20's, 30's and 40's

    village with restaurant and bars nearby

    3 double rooms

    rods and tackle can be left by the lake when not fishing as the place is totally private.

    The best (carp) holiday venue I've been to bar none.

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    Bully Guest


    You went on a carp fishing holiday Barney ??

    Was this in your less informative years!!

    Mind you, I have the WoL, Stu and Rik experience awaiting me week after next......wish me luck!


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    Marauding Maureen Guest


    "Mind you, I have the WoL, Stu and Rik experience awaiting me week after next......wish me luck!"'ll need it - I haven't been the same since!!!

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    That looks pretty special - I have just emailed for info.
    Any idea on cost?

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    Gary Knowles 2 Guest


    Blunderer - If you do book it, or your considering booking it, drop me a private mail and I'll give you as much info if you want.

    Bully - It was a family holiday and I'd rather fish for carp than not at all !

    But seriously, I've said before, I don't have a problem with carp. It's the indiscriminate clamour to stock them everywhere that I'm totally against.

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